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Peeping on guys in the shower!

Was going thru my content and started to notice all this shower peep footage, not sure why I like watching guys shower soap up there holes and cocks and tease me but I do lol I think I may be gay! Enjoy peeping in on these sexy fucks in the shower :)

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Nice BIG wet cock!

Michael Roman is in the shower when Joe Parker comes in and asks to join him. When Michael asks Joe to pass him the body wash, he is pleasantly surprised to see the big cock hanging between Joe's legs and he immediately goes for it. Michael drops to his knees and begins sucking Joe's big we cock and taking it down his throat. Joe then turns Michael around and begins rimming his ass while the shower water runs down his back and into Joe's mouth. Joe uses the water to warm up Michael's hole as he spits the water in his ass and licks it with his tongue. Joe then fucks Michael from behind and drives his huge cock deep into Michael's eager ass. Joe then puts Michael on his back on the floor and continues to fuck him hard and deep until Michael cannot hold back and he shoots his cum. Joe pulls out and shoots all over Michael. They then continue their shower...

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Ajax - Quarterback shaves and shows his hole! 🏈

Hey guys! If you like straight guys showing off their bodies, unloading their nuts, and having a shower, THE GUY SITE is the site for you!
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Muscular, redhead, 7-inches, big cumshot. Former Marine, Doug.

Doug headed off to the shower after coating his torso in cum. How could I resist following him, camera in hand? "Yeah, I made a little bit of mess," he said as I came in for a close-up of the jizz practically dripping off of him. "That's about normal," he added. Never know what's going to come up during the behind-the-scenes stuff. Tattoos were an obvious first thing to talk about, along with how Doug liked his experience in the military. He also talked about the favorite part of his workout routine: shoulders and arms. So, of course, there just had to be some naked flexing to show them guns. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 19, 2019