Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Swedish giant!

One of the most dominant top guys that I got to meet while I was travelling around Europe this year was this blond Swedish giant named Phillip Anderson. I didn't get to shoot with as much as I would have liked too because we met just before I was about to head home to Australia. But I did manage to make a video of me blowing that amazing big dick and this scene of Phillip stripping and wanking in the shower. Phillip gets pretty aggressive when it comes to servicing that fat cock. I now have first hand experience of that. I was keeping behind the camera this time while Phillip starts showing off in the bathroom. I'll definitely be looking out for my new Swedish mate when I get over to Europe again!

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Let's go outside!

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Let's go outside!

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AJ Laws has it all!

Gap between his front teeth--check. Chin dimple--check. Hard muscled ass--check. Perfect cock and balls you want to devour--check. AJ Laws has it all, and he wants to share every bit of it with you at GayHoopla!

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