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Horny couple

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Sweaty and horny jock!

Jason Keys was such a nice, respectful guy who was a pleasure to work with. I kept looking at him and seeing a young John Cena. He's in ridiculous good shape with a pretty big dong. He's charming yet alluring with piercing blue eyes and a smile of a gentleman. After an intense work out, he went back to his spot and enjoyed the majestic view. Feeling slightly sweaty he decided to jump in the shower. After gracing his cock with the soap... lift off began. He appeared to get hornier and hornier and needed to release. He left the shower and headed to his king size bed. Stroking his cock and humping the bed almost sent me over my blood pressure. A bust at the end was the icing on the cake for such a long and productive day. Jason Keys is a certified GayHoopla stud. 

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Fab abs!