Monday, April 30, 2012

Hung & wet

Muscle stud

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Hung teammate

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Tub tease

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sharing a bed & shower!

After sleeping together in the same bed, Cole and Fynn wake partially undressed and share an afternoon shower together.
Cole and Fynn had a wild time last night, and they wound up sharing the same bed. Fynn is the first to rise early in the afternoon. He heads to the shower to start the day, while Cole sleeps in a bit. As Fynn gets some warm water going, Cole throws back the sheets, revealing that he slept the whole night without any briefs. His dick is already swelling and begging for some attention. Cole gives his fat cock a few jerks before looking for Fynn. Our boys meet up in the shower and pick up where they left off last night. Both of these athletic guys look amazing bathing each other and trading blowjobs. Cole and Fynn leave the shower and dry off, but they stay naked so they can enjoy each other's fit bodies for just a little longer. They'd love for this to continue all afternoon, but they go for another round of cock sucking before jerking off to satisfaction.

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Cock tease

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In the backyard

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Drying off

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