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Big white ass!

There's a guest director in this one. He gets Leo to try on a jock strap for some posing and exercising. Also has him show off his hole more than usual. Leo gives a great hands free cum shot in this one. If you like the running in place and jumping jacks, it's right after he cums so you'll get to see his still hard and wet dick flopping around.

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Locker room open showers peephole!

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Feed me sir...

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Missionary shower!

When a Mormon boy is on his mission, he’s almost never alone. Nearly every second of every day, he’s either paired up with a companion, in the company of a priesthood holder, or in a larger group setting where eyes can be on him at all times. One of the few moments where missionaries get a brief bit of privacy is when they use the bathroom or take a shower. The moments are only very brief, as their schedule is very regimented. But every boy looks forward to those moments of privacy. An evening arose where Elder Ricci was able to linger in the shower a little longer than usual and he did not let it go to waste. As he closed his eyes and felt the warm water wash off the suds from his chest and genitals, he was reminded of his first night with Elder Sorensen...

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Big uncut!

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Join Hawaiian Koa in the shower!

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