Monday, October 17, 2016

Leon takes a shower!

Leon from SpunkWorthy is a very handsome muscular young man. He’s only 24 and already looks like a professional athlete. He’s just out of the military, and now wants to devote himself to athletic training. He’s proud of his body and very open-minded, so he has no problem showing it. Standing at 6′ 2″, it’s hard not to notice him. The beaming smile and disarming personality only add to his magnetism. Leon had a hot little story to tell about “jerk-off races” they did in boot camp!
“We had five minutes in the head. There were no curtains or doors between us. My buddies and I would go in, make wagers, and whoever rubbed one out first won.” 

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video At SpunkWorthy!
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