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Super Hung 9" Parker: All-American College Jock! 🏈💪

Cute College Jock Parker is every students fantasy Football Player: 21 years old, tall 5'11", solid 185 lbs, with a happy bright eyes, a sincere friendly smile that lights up the field, and a long 9" beautiful cock that curves like a snake as it hangs in the locker room showers on campus. Images this All-American Stud muffin dripping wet the the college showers! Shy and very humble, Parker is a joy to spend time with!

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Back to nature...

This weeks update is a big one. Boyfriends Aston and Mario are back for some more action. Starting out in a lush outdoor setting, they have a cooling shower before taking a naked tour of the grounds. these guys are truly in love and it's not long before they start to service each others cocks. The guys then move into indoors comfort for a flip flop fuck. The interesting part there isn't really that Aston bottoms. He's pretty versatile when it comes to butt sex. Mario on the other hand is a confirmed bottom. Still, he manages to do a nice job on Aston's ass. All good things must come to an end and so it is here. Aston doesn't care for the body hair he grew out and wanted to shave it off. The very end of the movie has Mario doing just that for him.

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Daniel shows off!

Such an exhibitionist. Daniel leaves the door to his room propped open a little so anyone can come in, pull back the curtain, and look at his buck naked body in the shower!

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Marched in stark naked for an ice cold shower!

Tough, lifetime criminals like this are used to dominating the areas of the city they live by merely intimidating those around him. Anyone would feel thoroughly dominated having this handsome thug standing over them in a dark street in the middle of the night. Here the angry officer tries to take charge and fully control this new inmate (while also satisfying his pervy desires). The long-haired guy obviously resents having to follow orders and expose his body to this freezing water - but if he steps out of line in the slightest the guards bark out commands to keep him in check and blast him with this icy water.

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